Throughout our collective past, images of the Divine Pair have emerged: goddesses and their gods, the hero and heroine...These serve as models as well as being mirrors for us in understanding ourselves. I believe that a new paradigm is emerging, a new way of seeing and responding to these two very important elemental energies which can be seen turning dust into galaxies and which directs our consciousness harmoniously in ways that help us to see the great interwoven world. To this end, I have embarked on an effort to understand in an experiential way the power of the goddess and her god counterpart. I do this subtly and in the moment, not by creating obvious shapes, images or forms. Instead, I seek to capture the essence of what I consider "She" and the essence that is "He" in two different vessel forms in hotglass.

Right now these pieces are so new that there are no images available but please check back as these two links get filled with imagery reflective of this journey. Click on the names below to go to their respective pages.



She He