Fiamma is Itallian for flame. Dichroic was developed during the Apollo space program to protect film from the harsh rays of the sun aboard the lunar rover. That same material has been adapted to be used in blown and fused glass forms in glass and I use them in the Fiamma series. I have been using dichroics since about the second year of working with glass. Back then, dichroics were so tricky to work with, so delicate, that you lost most of what you were working with. When I was on the craft fair circuit I was seeing how jewelers were using black glass to give their dichroic jewelry its visual punch. The array of abstract design forms was interesting to me and it wasn't that big of a leap to see how this could be taken into blown forms. So by 1999 I had made some of the first pieces that were the early Fiamma vases and bowls. The fluidity of working the way I do with the dichroic gives the work a unique character such that even though its derived from the fuser world, it goes beyond that in an important way.



Vase measures 14 inches


Below: an upclose view of a vase