Strikingly sensual,the Nautilus Series is available in vase, bowl, and platter forms and a range of color combinations (blue green in the bowl above). Whether the piece is a small 12" platter or a 26" White Nautilus (pictured near bottom of page), the understated elegance and sensuality that these pieces offer will make a statement in any home or public space. Pictured below is a extra large Nautilus vase, and measures 37" tall. The Nautlilus Series captures the essence of the ocean with its chambering interiors of delicate white and strong oceanic hues.








The white Nautilus platter reverses the colors so that they are muted and more delicate. These pieces are elegant and understated, an excellent way to express your sense of style and design. Platters measure approximately 20" across and can be made up to 26" in diameter and as small as 12" in diameter.



The Nautilus Series is thick-bodied giving it an uncommon durability.



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