6/13/10 Thanks to a generous client I now have some new colors to work with for suncatchers, yard ornaments, as well as some larger blown pieces in the He/She series of work. These pieces are far more sculptural and very voluptuous. Prototypes are being made now! Check out our Facebook and Youtube video (most recent) that helps document a day in the life of these new art forms....Make a point to stop by the studio both to see these works being made as well as to see the new forms and colors. And who knows, we just might be able to commission work for your own home! Pictures when we get a chance!

5/9/10 Working on new color combinations for SINKS. Sinks! Incredible designs! If you want to see these being made drop us a line so we can let you know when we are making them! Snaz up your bathroom permanently by reserving your own piece today! Prices are competitive with those found in Lowes' sink dept (for custom and specialty sinks) and each piece carries an unconditional guarantee!

2/7/10 I have retired the Cosmic Realm paperweight line. I arrived at this decision based on a range of factors.

For those interested in the last of these items you can contact me at the studio at (540)605-0034 or

2/3/10 See my new classes page. The new studio space affords me with the space to host groups and to do classes with ease. This is a great way to learn how to play with fire...

For those with the experience, studio rental is available for an introductory rate of $18.00 an hour, 3 hour minimum.

2/1/10 The web site is being completely redesigned. Out with the old, in with the new.

1/26/10 I am working on a new line of perfumers. The old ones were much like the cosmic realm line of pieces which were recently retired. I don't know yet if I will retire the older perfumers, but the new batch looks fun and interesting....See Perfumers.


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