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Blue Aurora Bowls

A perfect fusion of color and form makes a bold but elegant visual statement. Mixing sensual curves with metallic blues makes these pieces a favorite here at the studio. By using a process called Reduction that reacts to the silver salts melted into our glass, we are able to infuse the inner surface of this piece with a metallic sheen that does not tarnish, making it an object of beauty for years to come. These pieces are available in a broad base but shorter height, and a taller form with a narrower footed base. • Made entirely by hand in the U.S.A. • Stands approximately 5 inches tall for the wide base and 9 inches for the narrow-footed version • Story Card & Care Guide • Signed And Dated

Fiamma Vase Series

Each piece is unique; each one has its own story to tell. We compose each one not in dogged similarity, but with a light hand and a new tale to tell. As a result, we make each piece unique, but all are related to each other in the line. Dichroic glass is layered using patterns and complicated overlays that create a contemporary rhythm over thick black glass. Lighting these is simple because of the highly reflective quality of the dichroic elements; these pieces do well even in low light. That said, the more light you put on them, the brighter they will shine. No two pieces are exactly the same. • Hand-blown • Made In The U.S.A. • Story Card • Signed & Dated

Nautilus Bowl

Nautilus is a color effect and this series comes in various vessel shapes. There are color ranges with seven colors and color combinations currently. Blue, green, purple, cranberry, blue/green, purple/cranberry, and sand.